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i've got a bunch of worksheets for homework due tomorrow which very much reminds me of those ten-year-series drill stuff from the past o/a level days. i realise that when i read the comprehension crap passages, i translate each and every word for word and think majority of the entire time in english still. even in chinese, i can at least read those chinese words for themselves and process my thoughts in mandarin. i need to start thinking german more. i've never really ever been bad at languages. even when i was flunking math and science big time, i always managed to scrape through chinese somehow. i don't want to know i can actually have an aptitude for being bad at a language. problem about biting off more than i can chew, and chewing more than i can digest... for the sake of many considerations, gotta hit the books again. *sigh*

if i get into that programme, and decide to stay, i don't have enough space in my UEs to follow up 'til german 6 (i'd long given up on advanced german 1 and 2). and i won't have enough UEs to spare 'cos i really wanna do british lit. so either i'll hafta try smarty-pants-hard to jump straight into german 5, or i give up german 6. i don't know which i'd rather -- german 6 or lit? probably lit... it's easier. besides, i don't wanna wait one whole semester for german 4. call it pride, it'd be like skipping primary one only to be retained in primary two. but pride always comes before a fall... i don't know what'll happen; if i fall, if i must, i'll take it. i probably deserve it anyway, if You allow it to happen. i know myself, You know better. :)

i can't wait for church camp. and hey, guess what, church camp happens to fall on a monday! woohoo!!!

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