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before church camp

aw'ritey folks, in less than five hours' time, i shall be up again and in the shower once more; in less than seven hours, i shall be on my happy way to combined church camp, desaru. :) i just finished packing a truckload of stuff even though it's only for four days... i don't know how they all amounted up to so much, i sure hope my trusty ol' orange nike doesn't rot on the way. i also just finished showering, shaving, exfoliating, and scrubbing my heels... wow, now all that's missing is a mask, which i doubt i have the energy to do anymore. also just finished dinner, 'cos i had a long nap 'til 9pm, and didn't have the time to eat while packing.

today after church, my dad and i went parkway to shop. got a nice new sports bra, two pairs of socks, a bunch of disposable shavers, a tweezer, a porepack, a couple of sprays for stuff, and plenty of food... mainly a box of breakfast bars and a packet of pepperidge farm's orang milanos for me. and onion rings and plenty of other stuff! (of course not that all these are for bringing along to the camp lah!) but anyway, my dad also got a new singlet and a pair of shorts for his own running purposes. haha... so fun. and guess what? he approved of the pair of nike girly slippers i wanted to get! and he preferred the one i preferred, to the more casual one that senny thought looked better! haha... talk about taste running in the genes. :p pity they didn't have my size at parkway, so i shall either get it somewhere else after i get back, or just do without it. and my sis really likes the pair of tyr shorts i got the other day... first time she likes something i bought by myself... and now she's sent my dad on a mission to go get two pairs of them at tampines mall. tsktsk. shopping can be so fun! but tiring... two hours is enough to exhaust me... hey guys, can tell that i'm not the type cut out for shopping, haha... can marry me. :p

oh yes, and regarding my quiz, don't be too upset how you score ah... 'cos... what does this show? all of it only goes to show that... you don't hafta know all these little teeny weeny dumb miscellenia(?) about me to be my best friends... and you don't hafta be my best friends to know all these little teeny weeny dumb miscellania about me! :D

alright now, before i go, i just wanna say that i love you all. should i never make my way back, i hope you all remember the good stuff about me and dump the bad. hee~ in case you all get bored in my absence, i just wanna leave part of a chapter from the bible for reference -- matthew 6:25-34. don't ask me why this, i just feel compelled to leave this today... maybe it won't help anyone, maybe it doesn't mean much to you today... either way, i don't know, i hope it does, anyway. :)

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