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of course i shall testify! :)

it's san geng ban ye and everybody's long gone to sleep and i'm awake and feeling naughty and restless and bored. first of all, i wanna say that i love God! :) next, i wanna say i had a nice conversation on the phone just now with my nice old kaki, no points for guessing... but of course, i'm not so sure that nice old kaki of mine had as nice a conversation on the phone with me. :p

then, i wanna say that i'm thinking of doing six mods this sem. thinking only lah. i very bu zi liang li one. if it does happen, then it shall be EL3204 Discourse Structure. it shouldn't affect my timetable a lot, just that i'll probably be required to go down to school every alternate tuesday (which should rightfully be my free day). but then again, i may not even do those six mods at one go, 'cos i've got like totally no idea how those biz mods are gonna turn out. accounting doesn't sound very exciting or easy to me at all...

what else did i wanna say? i wanted to say that i gave femdog's new ibook a brilliant name (according to the high praise of myoclonic, and that name is adam. but that lousy girl went to name it/him ian instead. although i must say that i do think ian is a fantastic name, but still... *sulk* so i hope myoclonic's ipod's gonna be called isabella 'cos i've got such good taste. haha!

oh yes, and i also wanted to say that next monday is my written exam for the zertifikat deutsch, which my lowly standard is extremely not qualified to sit for. and the monday after the monday after next, that is, 16 august, is the date for the oral, which is oh so gonna kill me. my warped sense of grammar is gonna kill my examiners... surprised i actually have a warped sense of grammar eh? i do, when i'm super nervous, especially when it's in deutsch!!! *screams!* *and tears at hair* (now you know why i'm balding)

so, i'm actually pretty satisfied with life, even if it doesn't sound like it, haha. but i don't feel like going to sleep, 'cos i've got difficulty falling asleep nowadays, so i'm like sorta developing a phobia for sleep nowadays. strange thing this doesn't apply in the afternoons huh. i'm excited 'cos i'm gonna meet my friends tomorrow, and shall be getting souvenirs from, guess where?! taiwan!! and i'm excited for all the things that i know and feel are gonna be happening around me! can't stop grinning inside of me.

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