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to whom it may concern

'Cause I miss you
Body and soul so strong
That it takes my breath away

And I breathe you
Into my heart and pray
For the strength to stand today

'Cause I love you
Whether it's wrong or right

And though I can't
Be with you tonight

You know my heart is
By your side

like the last time, when i posted about being disgusted with someone, maybe people reading this are gonna think i'm talking about them again. at least, i think i can count about three guys who're gonna suspect these lyrics are posted in relation to them, that is, if they actually check out my journal. if at all, it's meant for the one who heard this in pizza hut this evening, because the bridge of the song is always my favourite part. if i ever thought i was getting independent and all, at this moment i'm thinking that all i said was utter bullshit and actually all i'm getting is addicted to you.

something else unrelated, this is something i simply need to get. it's so realistic, it looks so good, i hope it's not gonna bust my wallet.</div>

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