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makes me happy just thinking

from fridayfiver:

You're stranded on an island.

Not a completely desolate island. More along the lines that the boat delivering supplies only comes once every six months and will never, ever take you home. Decide what you'll bring!

One celebrity: Cha Doo Ri (considering of all my big-time crushes, he's the one nearest my age and not yet married, and that my crush on him has so recently been revived)

Two books: My bible, and Stufen 3, my Goethe-Institut text (so that Doo Ri can coach me on my lousy German in our free time... what a great idea!).

Three edibles: Potatoes, bananas and chocolate.

Four films: Punch-Drunk Love (for Adam Sandler, no, don't think that I've forgotten him yet), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (for Professor Snape!), Game of Deceit and Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love (for Nick Cheung... I'm cheating a bit here 'cos these are serial dramas, not really films, but who cares anyway).

Five music albums: Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head, Jason Mraz's Waiting for My Rocket to Come, Jay Chou's Fantasy and Ye Hui Mei, and Heart of Worship Volume 2.

the only thing is, where do all the vcd/dvd players, hi-fi sets and stuff come from? and what about change of clothes, and water supply? actually, i wouldn't mind being left on the island three full days with cha doori and only him alone. i just hope he speaks english, and well too. hmmm... but even if he doesn't... i'm sure we could still find many interesting things to do together huh. *wink* buahah.

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