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i'm not even sure of the accuracy of these lyrics


i think i'm somebody who never really asks for the reasons, 'cos i never really wanna know, even if i do need to. i never ever wanna tie somebody down, i never wanna make you feel beholden to me. which could explain why i try so hard never to question. i think i've seen firsthand the ills of possessiveness, but then again in the same way, i think i've also known the destructive results of never demanding reasons and explanations. i tend to think that oh because once upon a time, people have given me leeway in some of the inexplicable things i've done in my life which deserve so much more judgement than i've ever received, i will also wanna as graciously provide you with this space i've once been given. i guess it's a matter of balance.

not that anything has happened recently, as usual, it's just a thought experiment. the problem about my occasionally cryptic entries is that people, after reading them, tend to assume that stuff has happened to me. but it's all just things going through my head, maybe things i've thought about a thousand light years ago when things went wrong and messy. sometimes it's just a response to lyrics, sometimes it's all of these combined. (of course, sometimes, things really have happened lah! but not often)

i just hope that the next guy who comes into my life and even simply hints at a little something, can be like... erm... oh no, in trying to think up of a couple of character traits, i actually thought of a specific someone. and it's nobody that i actually like or have a crush on. or so i claim... but i really don't leh. okay, but anyway, i was thinking along the lines of open and honest. and of course, having more or less the same values and principles in life. :)

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