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of sudden fears

i've got tuition at two. i feel a little outta breath, a little overwhelmed by busy-ness, 'tho i may not actually seem very busy at all. maybe i actually mean i feel a little like i'm drowning in chaos. help.

gotta be at church at three on friday, but i usually have tuition on fridays too, at four. so i've gotta schedule another day for this week's friday tuition, either that or i've gotta cancel it... but i really shouldn't, 'cos this month, i've already cancelled a friday tuition once 'cos i was sick, and i don't want the mum to think i'm irresponsible or what. i think i'd like to schedule it on thursday afternoon, but i may have something else on, either that or the boy may not be free also. how ah?

at least the major part of my german exam's over. at least... at least what? with school reopening in just a week's time (i have my tuesdays free), i'm suddenly afraid, what if i can't cope? is tuition gonna kill me, twice a week, on top of alpha on saturdays? man, i really thank pastor lee for rushing through senny's membership class so we don't hafta attend anymore. thank God german ends officially on the 16th. so thankful that i still have a major part of my tuesdays, fridays and saturdays free from school. maybe if the el2102 class is gonna be webcast, i can not even bother to get down to school on fridays anymore! but seeing it's tara mohanan, i doubt so... not that i really mind, she's interesting.

alright, i must really go shower now or i'll be running late for tuition again. and meeting rina for i, robot after that.

ps: and this week, i didn't even manage to find the time to finish reading one of my lit texts, fistful of colours. it's the thickest of them all, but really easy to read; i have only one very last chapter left, but there's simply to much else to be done. *scream*

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