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19 August 2004 @ 07:20 pm
low-quality cd-roms, talk about marketing...  
and so, the cd-rom i was talking about last night, also hung my laptop today. some background notes: my laptop, since i had gotten it almost two years ago, has never hung once before today. so what does that say about that *insert bad word here* cd?

my home computer suggested getting the cd cleaned. but i'm totally clueless as to how to go about that, so i've emailed the lecturer to ask if there's any way i can get my cd replaced. it sucks 'cos i feel like i'm gonna flunk that module already. not to mention financial accounting. :< should just have stuck firmly to my forte. but i'm always doing silly stuff like that. never mind, will study. :|

will tell more about the happenings today, in a... somewhat less public entry, later. i'm getting spoiled, lazy, and dependent. it's bad, it's addictive... and it's crazy. *sigh*
Mood: blank
the doobfemdog on August 21st, 2004 04:24 am (UTC)
well. i can always let you have my cd-rom since it doesn't *insert bad word here* work on my adam. just let me know if you want it. :)
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on August 23rd, 2004 09:32 pm (UTC)
heh i don't think i will use yours after all, 'cos before you told me, i'd already emailed that dr. cheng, and she was very nice about it, and offered me a replacement. :) thanks for offering anyway! you can come my house anytime to use it if you want. hehe.
the doobfemdog on September 1st, 2004 07:00 am (UTC)
cheh. i also got a desktop PC mah. haha, just that it hangs like every minute. :P