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02 September 2004 @ 07:15 pm
why nobody pity me, why?!??!!?  
i've just completed and sorta handed up one major responsibility. now i've about more or less six hours to churn out a two-in-one story-continuation-cum-analysis-of-my-own-work-of-art essay. i've also got a minor quiz tomorrow which i have totally no time to prepare for. if i get full marks for that, i'll treat *anyone to a take-a-break-take-a-kit-kat bar. :p yes, i am a cheapskate.

*anyone -- whom i actually know, and know, as in the german kennen, not wissen. don't even try tricking me outta my kit kat bars!

tomorrow after school, i have tuition, after which, i hafta start on my marketing group project, as well as the group assignment, so that we can meet online to discuss in the wee hours of the night. man, how i abhor group projects. and my financial accounting is in a mess. other people are at chapter five already, while i've only just finished reading chapter two of the text. and i didn't manage to complete the tutorial homework for this morning's tutorial either, so half the time i was just pretending to look knowledgeable. freak!!!
Mood: busy
Music: hungry -- hillsongs